Business Course allows you to learn various elements such as Marketing, Finance, Accountancy, Managerial Studies, Marketing, Economics as well as International Business Studies. You could also choose to focus on which one of these elements that you want to study.

Business is part of social science studies. It is designed to give understanding of the real business world and its industries to prepare you for your future career. Business Studies allows you to choose the specific field of studies known as major as follows: 

  • Accountancy 
  • Finance 
  • Managerial Studies 
  • Economics 
  • Marketing 
  • International Business 

There are wide range of career opportunities based on the major you have chosen. These are several popular future career opportunities for Business Students: 

  • Bookkeeper (Accountancy)
  • Management Consultant (Managerial Studies)
  • Tax Accountant (Accountancy) 
  • Fund Manager (Finance) 
  • Marketing Manager (Marketing) 
  • International Economist (Economic) 
  • Business Owner