This course focuses on the values, meanings and applications of the legality and law between institutions and individuals. It also analyses how the law and legality are formed by factors such as economic, cultural and political forces. 

The Disciplinary offers wide range of opportunities for individuals who want to study about law and legality either it is within Australia or internationally or both. Law course will also give you insights about economic, cultural and political forces depends on which specific field you want to study. These are the specific fields in Law course:

  • Banking, Business & Commercial Law
  • Economic Law
  • Criminology 
  • Health Law
  • Human Rights Law 

There are wide range of career opportunities based on the major you have chosen. These are several popular career opportunities for Psychological Science Students:

  • Criminologist 
  • Legal Secretary
  • Lawyer 
  • Solicitor
  • Intelligent Analyst