Major/Subjects Available

Top uni for Accounting in Australia:

-Uni of Melbourne
-Uni of Sydney
-The Australian National Uni

What accountants do?

Accountants are people who monitoring and reporting the flow of money in a company. Become the consideration on what
to do next, accountant is crucial position in a company with high recognition in the work force.
Accountant is one of the most needed and looked for in general business world.

What will you learn?

– understanding the fundamental theory behind the accounting system
– learning to make any accounting reports and how to understand it’s elements
– learning how to auditoring accounting report
– enchance time management skills, problem solving skills, and numerical skills
– learning commercial law, taxanation law, finance
– enchance critical thinking skills by evaluating accounting reports into decision on what to do next
– learning how to use information technology for the accounting needs

What accountant you want to become?

General Accountant

Make a report about the flow of money in a business.

Manager Accountant

Plans, reviews and administers accounting systems and procedures, analyses the financial information needs of organisations,
provides advice on financial planning and risk management, and provides management with reports to assist in decision-making.
May provide insight into cost performance and support the implementation of benchmarking and improvement initiatives.
Plan the next step what the business should do in the future based on the accounting report.

Taxation Accountant

Help a business regarding with the tax system such as
Analyses, reports and provides advice on taxation issues to organisations or individuals,
prepares taxation returns and reports, and handles disputes with taxation authorities.

Job Prospect

Accounting is really important for a business.

With high job opening for it, accountants have so many opportunity and needed anywhere around the world.

In Sydney alone average accountants salary per year:
Entry Level = ave $51,000 AUD
Mid-career = ave $65,000 AUD
Experienced = ave $75,000 AUD
Late-career = ave $80,000 AUD

Join one of the top uni for IT in Australia

-Monash Uni
-Queensland Uni of Technology
-Uni of Technology Sydney
-Uni of Wollonggong

What IT do?

IT personels are the people who combine the business with computerised system to improve the process of the business on how
they done their job to become more effective and efficient.
This proffesion include webdeveloper, tech support, software engineer, and many more.

What will you study?

-IT science and coding system in more detail scale
-IT system creation for business
-bug fixing in IT system
-Ai coding, program creation, or game developing
-learning hardwares specification
-website coding
-apps creation
-enchance logical thinking in coding
-upgrade teamwork skills

IT specification

Network engineering

network architect, designs, and implements computer network. they design and planning appropriate data
communication components to meet consumer needs. they planning the connection on each data base, integrating
LAN, WAN, Internet, and Intranet so the data transfer can be done efficiently and effectively.

System Analyst

personel who in charge of analysing the system used especially in IT sector and upgrade the system
to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of it to increase the sales of the business. system analyst has
to master the existing technology system and fully understand how the business works to be able to do so. vast technology
development pull the demand of system analyst and make it into important position in a business.

Software programer

person who create a software which beneficial for other people. planning, designing, and coding tools
in form of application to help specific job to be more easier.

Job Prospect

IT is very influential for business in modern world. The broad of IT major and its variaty put IT into flexible
and adaptive job. Start form the system to the customer service, IT has take over most of the position in the entire
hirarchy of a business. Not forget to mention that having IT skills will increase your chance to get hired.

Average IT personel salary per year:

Project Manager IT = ave $100,000 AUD
Software Engineer = ave $73,000 AUD
Business Analyst IT= ave $81,000 AUD
IT Consultant = ave $81,000 AUD
System Engineer = ave $72,000 AUD
Videogame Programer= ave $50,000 AUD

IT become the needs for the business which want to grow and develop. Especially in modern era, IT can make a change not only
in a company but in the whole world.

Top uni to study hospitality

-Griffith College
-Uni of Sydney
-The Imperial College of Australia
-Holmes Institute
-Le Cordon Bleu Australia

What hospitality manager do?

Hospitality managers have a responsibility to make sure that everything is running smoothly in their lodgings.
The hospitality manager oversees all of these departments, coordinating with
department managers and other staff members to ensure that everybody is doing their jobs and that guests are satisfied with the overall experience.

What will I learn in general?

-fundamental theory and basics of hospitality and tourism
-law in hospitality and tourism business including employee/customer/goverment agencies
-learning how to give best customer services
-learning how to run a business in hospitality and tourism
-learning how to serve good quality food and beverages also food creation
-business management
-learning how to market your business

Hospitality specification


become a chef/cook with adavance and theorised technique to create delicate food. with endless creativity and wide
range of application surely it become one of the most famous courses in the whole world


just like cooking but focus on deserts, cakes, and other pastries with more fancy and elegant technique to make
a unique sweets that will not be forgotten.

Job prospect

With more than 10,000 jobs opening hospitality definately is one of the best way to reach your success. With many ways in itself, you can
craft your own way and plant your ideals into the business.

Average income of a hospitality manager per year:

Restaurant manager = ave $53,000 AUD
Operation manager = ave $80,000 AUD
Event manager = ave $60,000 AUD
Head Chef = ave $60,000 AUD
Baker = ave $50,000 AUD
Pastry Chef = ave $59,000 AUD

Become one of the biggest industries around the globe, hospitality surely has a bright future in your career.
The flexibility of hospitality major make it to be desireable by many people.

Favorite School for graphic designer:

-Victorian Institute of Technology
-RMIT uni
-Griffith Uni

What graphic designer do?

Graphic designer create visual concepts, using computer software or by hand to communicate and captivate consumers.
Developing the overall layout and production design for various applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines,
and corporate reports.

what will i learn in general?

-learning editing, creating, and developing graphic designs
-learning to use design’s software
-handcraft, digital art, photography
-bias rules of design graphic
-learning to do promotion with posters, billboards, logos, company reports, or name cards

Job Prospect

Annual salary: ave $47,000 AUD

With more than 25,000 job opening and almost available everywhere, graphic design could be the job
you looking for. Let your creativity run wild and fill the world with your work of modern art.

Top Engineering Uni in Australia:

-Uni of Melbourne
-Uni of Sydney
-Monash Uni
-Australian National Uni
-Uni of Queensland
-Uni of Newcastle

What engineer do?

Engineers apply the principles of science and mathematics to develop economical solutions to technical problems.
Their work is the link between scientific discoveries and the commercial applications that meet societal and consumer needs.
starting from tools, machinary, robots, even ai engineers play big factor in business development.

What will i learn?

-logical thinking
-specific course (chemistry/medical/aero physics/oceanic physics/industrial physics/etc)
-specific law relating to the course taken
-team work
-time management

Job prospect

Average income:

Mechanical Engineer : $72,000
Civil Engineer : $71,300
Automotive Engineer : $85,600
Electrical Engineer : $120,000
Industrial Engineer : $108,000
Aeronautics : $86,000

Almost every infrastructure that exist now was designed and created by the engineers. Engineers upgrade the world with
their creations.

Top uni for nursing in Australia:

-Uni of Sydney “13th position in the whole world
-Monash Uni “16th position in the whole world
-Uni of Melbourne “19th position in the whole world
-Daekin Uni “22th position in the whole world

What nurse do?

Nurses play significant roles in hospitals, clinics and private practices.
Nursing job duties include communicating between patients and doctors, caring for patients, administering medicine and supervising nurses’ aides.
The educational path for becoming a nurse vary depending on the type of nurse one hopes to become, but all nurses must be licensed.

What will i learn?

-medical study (pharmacy/human anatomy/medical procedure)
-treatment techniques
-time management and emotional inteligent
-nursing law
-nursing procedure

Nursing specification:


A licensed practical nurse (LPN) is a nurse who cares for people who are sick, injured, convalescent, or disabled.
LPNs work under the direction of registered nurses or physicians.

Registered Nurse

They employed in a wide variety of professional settings, often specializing in their field of practice.
They may be responsible for supervising care delivered by other healthcare workers including enrolled nurses,
licensed practical nurses, unlicensed assistive personnel, nursing students,
and less-experienced RNs.


nurse who has a master’s, post-masters, or doctoral
degree in a nursing specialty and can generally practice medicine without the supervision of a physician.

Job prospect

Average income:

Licesed Practical Nurse : $43,000
Registered Nurse : $67,500
Advanced Practice Nurse : $87,500

Nursing job opening estimated will rise in ten years with more 50,000 right now.

Most recomended uni for Education:

-Uni of Melbourne
-Uni of Sydney
-Uni of Queensland

What educator do?

Education people mostly teach other people with less knowledge.
It is an interdisciplinary subject which draws on Sociology, Psychology, History and Philosophy to help us understand and broaden
our knowledge about how people of all ages learn,
and the factors that can impact positively and negatively on this.

Educator level:

-first school
-second school
-high school

What will i learn?

-states education system
-education law
-how to teach different group age of people
-teaching techniques

Job prospect

Average income:
Primary School Teacher : AU$59,000
High School Teacher : AU$65,00
Secondary School Teacher : AU$64,400
Elementary School Teacher : AU$60,400
Kindergarten Teacher : AU$50,800
Physical Education Teacher : AU$59,900
Special Education Teacher, Preschool, Kindergarten, or Elementary School: AU$53,400

Top uni for agriculture:

-Charles Sturt Uni
-James Cook Uni
-Marcus Oldham College
-Uni of Sydney
-Uni of Tasmania

What agriculture do?

Agricultural engineers develop methods and design equipment for land preparation, planting and harvesting.
They incorporate automation, precision and smart technologies “intelligence” to new and existing equipment
to optimize efficiency, sustainability, and the reliability of our food, feed, fiber and fuel economy.

What will I learn?

-agriculture law and ethics
-agriculture technology development
-logical thinking
-agriculture science (botanic/animalogy/farming tools)

Job prospect

Average income:

Farm Manager : AU$71,700
Agronomist : AU$56,700
Operations Manager : AU$77,000
General / Operations Manager : AU$91,700
Communications Officer : AU$50,800
Marketing Manager : AU$104,700
Research Scientist : AU$87,000

Agriculture is a proffesion that always needed in anytime because the needs od agriculture product. Either working alone or working
for other person, agronomist will highly hired anywhere around the globe.

Top uni for finance:

-University of Melbourne
-University of Sydney
-Monash University
-Australian National University

What finance person do?

They produce financial reports, direct investment activities,
and develop strategies and plans for the long-term financial goals of their organization.
Financial managers work in many places, including banks and insurance companies.

What will i learn?

-Make financial report
-Make taxation report
-Planning business financial position
-Time management
-Financial forcasting

Job prospect

Average income:

Finance manager : $88,000
Finance analyst : $70,000
Finance officer : $54,500
Finance director : $158,500

Finance student can shift to many directions in business world. its ability to do vary jobs
make finance flexible especially for those who like to move around the business.